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Crossroads: Kauffman, Judd and Morris at Sprüth Magers until 31 March 2018

The show presents six works from Kauffman’s fertile period of 1966—1971, when he addressed the issues of structure and form in painting, the use of industrial materials, painting’s relationship to the wall, and dematerialisation. His work is contextualised by the inclusion of the stack piece Untitled (Bernstein 80-4) (1980) and the floor piece Untitled, DSS 234 (1970) by Donald Judd and the two felt works Untitled (1968) and Fountain (1971) by Robert Morris, as well as supplemental materials from the Kauffman archives. The exhibition presents the three artists together for the first time in Europe, and is Kauffman’s debut exhibition with the gallery in London. 😍

Although primarily known as a Los Angeles based artist, Craig Kauffman had a long history of engagement with the New York scene. In 1967, Kauffman relocated to New York, encouraged by the successes of his recent exhibitions in the city. While there, he began a friendship with Donald Judd, the artist who coined the phrase “specific objects” to describe his own work, a format which operated between painting and sculpture. Like the work of Judd, Kauffman’s three-dimensional plastic paintings occupy this liminal category. Their volume suggests that they are sculpture, but their presence on the wall reinforces their status as paintings. The unity of colour and form, achieved through the use of industrial materials, is another point of similarity between the two artists’ objectives.

Kauffman’s move to New York also reignited his friendship with Robert Morris, whom he had met in San Francisco ten years earlier. Their frequent discussions resulted in a short lived collaboration for the exhibition Using Walls (Indoors) at the Jewish Museum in 1970, which remained open for only one day, and which Kauffman described as a combination of both of the artists’ ideas. Only a few years prior, Morris begun making process-oriented felt pieces, in which he hung strips of industrial felt on the wall and allowed gravity to determine their shape. This influenced Kauffman’s conception of his series of Loops, in which sheets of spray painted Plexiglas seem to casually droop over a wire.

In Kauffman’s work, the environment constantly shifts as the viewer moves around each object. The light that moves across the curved edges of each piece facilitates the full comprehension of their forms. This draws comparisons to Morris’s own textual formulations in his influential Notes on Sculpture series, which advocated a phenomenological reading of the art object, how they change under varying conditions of light and space. The coloured shadows of the hanging Loops and the cast plastic forms that project into space directly implicate both the viewer and their supports.

Two of the earliest works from 1966 demonstrate how Kauffman addressed some of the issues which were important to Minimalist art and theory: seriality, industrial multiples, and anonymity. But where the New Yorkers’ opted for material and formal austerity—Kauffman’s supple plastic works were coloured and full of curves.

This exhibition is curated by Frank Lloyd, and follows Craig Kauffman: Works from 1962 – 1964 in dialogue with Francis Picabia and Marcel Duchamp, Sprüth Magers debut of the gallery’s representation of the Estate of Craig Kauffman in Berlin in 2016. The show is timed to run concurrently with the gallery’s Los Angeles presentation of Robert Irwin, who, along with Kauffman, was a major force in the definition of art from Los Angeles in the 1960s.


Sprüth Magers, 7 Grafton Street, Mayfair, London W1S 4EJ

Tue-Sat 11am-6pm

Free entry

Yoko Ono “To The Light” @ Serpentine Gallery / Until 9th September 2012


Open daily, 10am – 6pm

@ Serpentine Gallery
Kensington Gardens
London, W2 3XA

Entry: £Free


TO THE LIGHT, a major exhibition of the work of celebrated artist Yoko Ono, reflects upon the enormous impact that she has made on contemporary art, exploring her influential role across a wide range of media. This exhibition, her first in a London public institution for more than a decade, includes new and existing installations, films and performances, as well as archive material relating to several key early works.

Ono also presents #smilesfilm, a worldwide participatory project that will be exhibited at the Serpentine Gallery and encourages participation online. Conceived as a way of connecting people across the world, the project invites people to upload and send images of their smiles by hash-tagging #smilesfilm, creating a global string of smiles covering the planet.

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Clerkenwell Design Week @ Various venues / 22nd – 24th May 2012


Doors: 10 am – 9pm

@ Various venues around Clerkenwell
Tube: Barbican & Farringdon


Clerkenwell is a three-day festival celebrating design’s creative richness, social relevance and technological advancements through an exciting programme of workshops, presentations, product launches and debates.

Clerkenwell Design Week also features all the elements you would expect from a festival, including exhibitions, installations, street entertainment, music, food, parties and receptions. It is the ideal opportunity for the creative design community to meet new and existing clients in a relaxed yet inspiring environment.  Last year the design community flocked to Clerkenwell with over 24,000 registered to attend! 2012 is set to even bigger and better.

Download the full festival programme HERE.

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Crane.tv Curates: One Room, Three Global Names @ St Martins Lane Hotel / Until 30th January 2012


Doors: 11am – 8pm
(Monday – Sunday)

St Martins Lane Hotel
45 St Martin’s Lane
London, WC2N 4HX

Entry: £Free


A unique collaboration, Crane.tv Curates: One Room, Three Global Names invites the public into the personal world of Crane.tv at The Front Room, St Martins Lane Hotel from Monday 9th January until Monday 30th January.

The series, starting with Sir Terence Conran, famed for transforming the look of the British home will be showcasing his most loved work from his retrospective at London’s Design Museum. The following week, artist Kate MccGwire will present a cabinet of curiosities, objects, which she has collected over the years that continue to inspire her work. Closing the week is digital artist and founder of ‘Universal Everything’ Matt Pyke who will exhibit digital wonders like ultraviolet trees grown out of mathematical formulas and 3D-printed figurines borne from code.

The unique and insightful installations will be presented next to a state-of-the-art series of films, created by Crane.tv, showcasing intimate profiles of the chosen artists to give the viewer an insight into the process and inspirations behind their celebrated careers.

9th January – Sir Terence Conran
16th January – Kate MccGwire
23rd January – Matt Pyke

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Boom Boom Club @ Old Vic Tunnels / from Thursday 29th September 2011


Doors: 20.45 or 19:30

@ The Old Vic Tunnels, Waterloo Station, York Road, City of London, SE1 7LY

Entry: From £19.50 book


Boom Boom club returns to the Old Vic Tunnels after their sell out run earlier this year for three nights only (September 29th and 30th and October 1st). Boom Boom is not your average cabaret show – including installation from the likes of Bear Gateaux, aerial and promenade circus performance, live video and DJ set from Nick Hollywood of White Mink, and three separate cabaret stages surrounded by the greatest party you’ll ever attend! A fully immersive experience.

Days running:
Thursday September 29th
Friday September 30th
Saturday October 1st

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I am Braziliality @ Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery / Friday 29th July 2010


29th July
18.00 – 23.00
30th July
14.00 – 19.00
31st July
14.00 – 17.00

Exhibition running till 30th August 2011
After these dates: Thursday & Friday 17.00 – 21.00
Saturday & Sunday 12.00 – 17.00

@ Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery
Stour Road,
Fish Island,
Hackney Wick,
E3 2NT

Entry: £Free


Inspired by the arts of and from the streets, Braziliality and Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery
present this major exhibition featuring the work of over forty international artists
showcasing visual arts including graffiti art, illustration, painting, photography, video art &
documentary, installations, live performances and music. The show will explore critical
aspects and aggregated meanings of the Brazilian cultural roots of artists living around the
world. The exhibition opens on the 29th July with a first weekend full of activities,
participating in Hackney Wicked Art Festival. The event is created, curated and produced
by Braziliality formed by Alicia Bastos, Bianca Turner and Pier Tosta in partnership with
Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery. The Forman’s Restaurant will be collaborating to create an
original Brazilian menu. The Brazilian Embassy in London and ABC Trust and Abelha
Cachaca are also partners of ‘I am Braziliality’

I am Braziliality from Braziliality on Vimeo.

The artists involved

Visual artists
Milo Tchais * Narcelio Grud * Karjn Janssen * Pedro Vicente * Gabriel Silva * Marina Fae
Claudio Luiz Lima * Lucas Faria * Ben Neuman * Edgar de Camargo * Azul Serra * Athos
de Oliveira * Daniella Baptista * Bruno Figueiredo * Rafaela Miranda Rocha * ABC Trust
archive * Introducing new species (Milo Tchais, Bianca Turner & Raphael Franco)

Moving image
Jared Levy Documentary Graffiti Fine Art London premiere
Exquisite Corpse Project – 3 volumes (Coordinator Kika Nicolela)
Festival Visual Brasil – Barcelona
Gabriela Dworecki aka Duodrome Vj

Music & Dance
Natema Band
Thiago Duar
Dj Nuno Deconto
Dj Alquimix
Dj Larissa *D-Vyzor * Dj Jerome Hill * Dj Limao * Dj Cae Traven * Dj Dalpra
Irineu Nogueira – Choreographer
Everaldo Pereira – Choreographer
Rafaella Cappai – iDanc

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