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Mark Dion: Theatre of the Natural World at Whitechapel Gallery until 13 May 2018

Explorer, collector, activist and conjuror of theatrical environments American artist Mark Dion (b.1961) has travelled through rainforests and rubbish dumps to reveal the wonder and fragility of life on earth. Dion uses specimens – natural and manmade – to make uncanny representations of these environments. His drawings, sculptures and installations draw on the techniques of scientific enquiry and museum display; and on the telling of natural histories. 🌎

We embark on a journey through a sequence of installations created between 2000 and the present. The exhibition begins with The Library for the Birds of London (2018), a new commission continuing a series of aviaries Dion has created since 1993. The roomy sanctuary is a temporary home to 22 zebra finches, which are well-known for being social creatures. Visitors are invited into the aviary, which has an apple tree at its centre, referencing the tree of life. Over 600 books devoted to ornithology, environmentalism, literature and the natural sciences surround the birds. A scholar’s study invites us to unravel intricate drawings and models; while the Bureau for the Centre of the Study for Surrealism and its Legacy displays the strange magic of obsolete things. The muddy banks of the Thames have also yielded their treasures for poetic display in a gigantic cabinet; while The Wonder Workshop displays the ghosts of animals and instruments, many of them extinct and obsolescent. Each immersive environment is also a habitat, evoking the characters that observe, conserve or exploit the natural world.


Whitechapel Gallery, 77-82 Whitechapel High Street, London E1 7QX

Monday closed
Tuesday 11am-6pm
Wednesday 11am-6pm
Thursday 11am-9pm
Friday 11am-6pm
Saturday 11am-6pm
Sunday 11am-6pm

£12.95 book online

Leonor Antunes the frisson of the togetherness at Whitechapel Gallery until 9 April 2018

Straight lines and flat planes morph into looping and twisting volumes and sculptural reliefs in the new commission by Leonor Antunes (b. 1972, Portugal). Weavings, geometric patterns, artisanal techniques and utilitarian designs are sources of inspiration.

Taking its title from British architect Alison Smithson’s description of how young people bring together elements of style to define their identity and social allegiances, Antunes gathers references to overlooked figures in the history of 20th-century architecture, art and design, particularly women. Her commission has been informed by two artists who lived in London — Mary Martin (1907–69, UK) and Lucia Nogueira (1950–98, Brazil). While bothwere known for their sculpture, Martin also created works on paper and weavings and Nogueira made jewellery.

Antunes’s commission features hanging and floor-based sculptures made from materials including metal, leather and rope, illuminated by lights designed by the artist. The sculptures serve as screens or dividers, creating layers and shaping the viewer’s journey through the space. The gallery floor is covered in a geometric pattern, based on a drawing by Martin and made of cork and linoleum. Antunes has also selected examples of jewellery by Brazilian artist Nogueira, which are displayed in sculptural glass displaycases by Danish designer Nanna Ditzel (1923–2005).


Whitechapel Gallery, 77-82 Whitechapel High Street, London E1 7QX

Tue 11am–6pm
Wed 11am–6pm
Thu 11am–9pm
Fri 11am–6pm
Sat 11am–6pm
Sun 11am–6pm

Free entry

Mary Heilmann: Looking at Pictures @ Whitechapel Gallery / 21st August 2016


Doors: Tue-Sun 11am-6pm

@ Whitechapel Gallery, Galleries 1, 8 & 9, 77-82 Whitechapel High Street, London E1 7QX

Free entry


The surreal beach life of Los Angeles, 1960s counter culture, pop songs and friendships with New York artists, poets and musicians are the well springs of Mary Heilmann’s dazzling abstractions.

Heilmann (b. 1940) takes colour, line and shape on unexpected journeys. Polka dots waft across eye-popping hues corralled within irregular rectangles. The poetry of her works lies in the tension between the rigours of geometry and the contingencies of the human and the organic.

The exhibition begins with paintings based on the square, the grid and architectural details, such as The First Vent (1972). They are juxtaposed with glazed ceramics, hovering between painting and sculpture. A slide show, Her Life (2006), features Heilmann’s paintings and personal photographs set to an eclectic mix of music.

Choreographed across Gallery 8, dynamic canvases represent ‘autobiographical markers’ – painterly haikus of the artist’s life. Their vibrancy is matched by their titles – Bush of Ghosts (1980) or Good Vibrations Diptych, Remembering David (2012). Heilmann invites the viewer to become immersed in her synaesthetic stories while sitting in her colourful chairs.

One of Us: Whitechapel @ private residence / Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th March 2013


18:00-19:00, 19:30-20:30 and 21-22:00 (Saturday and Sunday)

@ 20 Sidney Square, Whitechapel, London E1 2EY

Tickets: from £3.50 book online


Jack the Ripper, the Cray Brothers, the Elephant Man, the Asylum are all built into the rich historical tapestry of this corner of London. Given this inspiration One of Us has united artists and performers in a Georgian townhouse in Whitechapel to creative an immersive experience Be transported through a postmodern mish mash of eras into our macabre fantasies.

Performances include:

‘Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned…’ It’s stressful being one of the most notorious serial killers of all time, to remain shrouded in mystery for all eternity and to haunt an era’s nightmares. And Jack needs to get it off his chest.

Enough of Us
We are consistently buffeted by recycled advice that contradicts itself and the natural inclinations of any human heart. We are the future and the court jesters, we are desired and yet derided for not enjoying this attention. Lurking above your head will be the streamers of prescribed wisdom for the mythologised generation

Make It Nice
Watch preparations for a timely soiree executed with a keen and critical eye. Perfection is imperative. Accuracy of utmost importance. Nothing can go wrong.

Nightmare on Sidney Square
Daniel is having recurring nightmares influenced by the Gothic fearmonger Edgar Allen Poe. One day he wakes up in the nightmare realm to the mysterious Lucius who tries to get to the surreal bottom of why he is lost in these disturbing dreams.

Be transported by the power of scent to the deathbed of a poor soul in Victorian England and through to the other side: her second coming.

Boundary Creatures
Physically bound, what are we to each other? We share nothing but space.

Come into our office. We want to ask you some questions.

Liminal Sounds: Big Eyes, Little Soles @ Rhythm Factory / Friday 12th October 2012


From: 22:00 – 05:00

@ Rhythm Factory, 16-18 Whitechapel Road, London E1 1EW

Entry: free before 23:00, £5 after book


Big Eyes, Little Soles is a sneaker blog and European wide collective, dedicated to the female fiend. Since the site’s inception in 2010 the community has continued to grow exponentially. They have been voted one of the Top 5 sneaker blogs by Guardian Online as well as being featured by the likes of Vice and Mint Magazine.

Liminal Sounds are teaming up with Big Eyes, Little Soles to celebrate their 2nd birthday.

Ballistik (BNTL)
Emile (BNTL)
Prof D
Hosted by Crazy D

Auternative Season @ Genesis Cinema / from Thursday 23rd August 2012


Doors: various

@ Genesis Cinema, 93 – 95 Mile End Road, London E1 4UJ

Entry: various


Genesis cinema has recently been refurbished, presenting a brand new reception area complete with a cafe and glamorous new Studio 5 cinema screen.

The Genesis ‘Auteurnative season’ re-launches on 23 August, as a six part extravaganza of rarely seen classic films, guest programmed by big named artists, musicians, filmmakers and key figures and organisations within the film industry. Films include Cléo from 5 to 7, Petty Romance, The Conversation, The Third Part of the Night and more.

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Oscillate Wildly presents: George Fitzgerald, Objekt, Arkist & More @ The Rhythm Factory / Saturday 27th August 2011

Doors: 22:00 – 06:00

@ The Rhythm Factory
16 – 18 Whitechapel Road
London, E1 1EW

Entry: FREE Guestlist B4 Midnight
£5 OTD / Resident Advisor


This August Wildly Oscillate make their way to the Rhythm Factory for a one off bank holiday special with an all star cast. First up is London’s George FitzGerald, someone who’s music is hard to pigeon hole – with it lying somewhere in-between the camps of House and Garage. We’ve been really impressed by the polish on his output of late – both original material and on the remix front.

Next up is the elusive character behind ‘a series of whitelabel 12″ releases to make subs rattle and feet wiggle; a convoluted mess of dubstep, 3-step, garage, techno, bass-core, post minimal wankstep, shithouse, acid wonk, no more, no less.’ Flown over especially from Berlin for your pleasure for his second ever UK show, Wildly Oscillate are proud to welcome Objekt aka TJ Hertz.

The second room’s hosted by Full Tilt with guest Brinsley Kazak – one of the brains behind a true northeast institution – Leeds based Louche.

Line up:

George FitzGerald

Supported by:

Brinsley Kazak
John Montoya
Harry McCanna
Russell Smith

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Liminal Sounds 01 @ Rhythm Factory / Saturday 4th May 2011


Open: 22:00 – 18:00

@ Rhythm Factory, 16-18 Whitechapel Road, London E1 1EW (off Brick Lane)

Entry: FREE

Liminal sounds is a new night championing the myriad mutations of underground bass music, disregarding concepts of genre or scene to bring you forward-thinking music with both feet planted firmly on the dancefloor. From house to hip hop, garage to grime, complete creative freedom is given to the artists that play, allowing them to explore any and every facet of their musical ethos, taking the crowd on a personal journey. 

Get Some DJs
Brey (Die Barbie Musik Kollektiv)
Throwing Snow

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Wow Now @ 82 Gallery / From Thursday 2nd – Thursday 9th June 2011


Open: 10:00 -19:00

@ 82 Gallery, Shoreditch Underground Station, Whitechapel, London E1 EW5

Entry: Free

Until Thursday 9th June


‘An International exhibition articulatingthe friction between Outside, Street & Fine Artvia subversive portraiture’

The old Shoreditch underground station has been converted into an amazing exhibition space to show the gallery’s first ever Group Show ‘Wow Now’. Emerging international artists have collaborated to create an alternate debut exhibition.

The exhibition references graffiti culture against the back drop of East London’s former Shoreditch Tube Station with references to art history painting, fashion, comic books, graffiti, cartoons, drugs and music.

The Wow Now London exhibition will be travelling to other European capitals throughout the year. Visit the gallery before it moves on.

Alex Daw (UK)
ZTY 82 (Germany)
Ben Weller (UK)
Stephen Tomkins (USA)
Perfekt World (Austria)
Sid One (UK)
Paul Busk (Austria)
Nomad (Germany)
Ted Riederer (USA)
James Jessop (UK)

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