Blue Elephant Theatre

59a Bethwin Road,


Tickets: £8.50 (£7.00 conc. & £6.00 Southwark Residents)


LCP Dance Theatre presents I AM.

I Am seeks to explore the challenges facing victims of human trafficking on their road to recovery and tell their stories of re-discovering their stolen identities.  It is inspired by the true story of a couple who fell in love in their teens, and transcended the subsequent abuse they encountered when they found each other again in their seventies

I Am is a new multimedia dance production from the award-winning LCP Dance Theatre, which draws awareness to human rights violations through dance. Their previous hit show Am I was nominated for the Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Award at Edinburgh Fringe 2014 and they are past recipients of a BBC Performing Arts Award.

The impeccable execution and the power of the visual imagery is utterly paralysing. 

“Dance stops trafficking!” they advertise. For me, their dance stopped my heartbeat.

★★★★★Threeweeks Fringe 2013 on Am I

Their bodies seemed to inhale air and exhale this choreography, it came to them with such ease and you could feel the energy breathing from them

★★★★ Broadway Baby Fringe 2014 on Am I

LCP Dance Theatre was formed in 2006 and is led by Polish Artistic Director Joanna Puchala who is based in London. It is a multi-media and multi-ethnic dance company that uses live performance and film to raise awareness of human rights violations.