Exploring the repressed and taboo in a personal and social context, using a visual language that can speak the unspeakable but also explore the process of repression and denial. πŸ‘€

It is thought that unconscious processes can often only be traced through moments of betrayal by the psyche, acted out as evidence of something long buried. Unspoken will concern itself with the nature of that betrayal and attempt to make tangible those intangible moments.

Artists are responding to the theme of the hidden, unseen or unthinkable. Works will highlight the unspeakable, the unconscious, and the compulsive or secret. The theme will be explored with sincerity, humor or irreverence, and shame, guilt or fear can be mocked or exorcised in the crypt. The Freudian slip, the somatic symptom, the fetishistic fantasy, the voyeuristic obsession or embarrassing diary entry, can all find a place and be laid to rest.


The Stash Gallery, Vout-O-Reenee’s, 30 Prescot Street, London E1 8BB

6pm -11pm daily