Doors: 19:30 – 22:00

@ The Book Club
100 Leonard Street,
London, EC2A 4RH

Entry: £12.  Advance booking is recommended (Get tickets HERE)

www.scratchandsniffevents.com / www.wearetbc.com

Scratch+Sniff are olfactory adventures designed to surprise, delight and indulge your sense of smell and for the latest of their monthly workshops at the Book Club, they will be exploring the connections between scent and musical genres.

Taking you on  a rollercoster tour of different music styles, from classical to blues and punk, you will discover what happens when you listen to a track whilst experiencing very different perfumes.  Guest speaker on the night, (and musical conductor) will be Michael Bywater, a writer and broadcaster, man about town, raconteur and Jasmine award-winner for outstanding perfume journalism.

It promises to be a double sensory whammy this month.  Nostrils at the ready!

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