Doors: 7pm – 11pm

The Red Bull Studios,
155-171 Tooley StreetLondon,
United Kingdom

Entry: £Free

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On the 20th of May, the Red Bull Studios will be transformed into a mark making playground, where your body becomes the application and the room is your canvas. Guests will get the chance to play with the installations and purchase 1 of the 30 extremely limited edition, black & gold, Stööki jewellery pieces.

DJs for the night are:

  • Radi (BOUNTY)
  • Hipsters Don’t Dance
  • Erol Sabadosh (Ponystep/Circus)
  • Sarah Young

This collection explores different ways of mark making, literally and metaphorically. From sketching with a cigarette to drawing with light. Being free and expressing yourself to the world as an independent thinker, explorer and achiever.Inspiration is adapted from the characters and talented people around us, East London nightlife, un-conventional street art and our dreams. Collaboratively designed into a new form of fashion jewellery.

Red Bull will be documenting the event and project as a part of a ‘Making Of’ video.

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STÖÖKI MYM Collection Teaser from The Craftmakers on Vimeo.

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