Doors: 6pm – 9pm

@ The Camp,
70-74 City Road,
London, United Kingdom,
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Entry: £Free

This is the First Solo Exhibition of Illustrator Loose Limbs,
Giovanni Muscat.

Buddha Hype! is a series of fun quirky illustrations based on the Buddhism culture twisted around concepts in society of today that the illustrator finds dominant such as sex, drugs, and sweet things.

His Fascination behind buddhism came from the way of life, how people strive for Enlightenment and Peace. He finds the imagery very intriguing and mysterious, and opens and draws from the source.

Giovanni’s series will be opening up Cultures and giving them his own take.

MUSIC will be presented by Gonzi (Joel Gonsalves)
First Debut for his anticipated EP titled Windmill,

A recent exhibition featuring work by Gonzi can also be found at http://www.creativereview.co.uk/cr-blog/2010/june/lcc-show

This exhibition will carry on for 2 weeks, ending on the 2nd of June.

Make your way down and provide support.

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