Doors: 18:00 – 21:00

@ The Orange Dot Gallery, 54 Tavistock Place, London WC1H 9RG

www.kevinmorosky.com / www.orangedotgallery.co.uk

Is the six degrees of separation theory the key to making this world a better place?

“Yes, maybe, I’d like to think so,” says Kevin Morosky. “The idea that we are so closely connected is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard. I love the idea that we are all equal, we just have different lives.” Once we remind ourselves of this, how can the world not be perceived and feel like it’s a better place?

A point and shoot photographer working on 35-mm, in the realm of documentary and reportage he has most recently been working with a range of artists, from musicians such as Jack Penate, Ghostpoet, Marques Toliver and Jessie Wares, to sculptor Andrew Logan, playwright Polly Sternham, and actresses Mischa Barton, Billie Piper and Ashley Madekwe. Having also shot for titles including Dazed Digital, Vice, Attitude, The Super Super, Oh Comely, Volume and RWD make sure you get down to the private view for the latest Exhibition from the Orange Dot Gallery and enjoy some interesting art with a cold (free) cider in hand.

Entry: RSVP to Salma@theorangedot.co.uk

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