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Revealing Histories of Electronic Music:

Electronic music is everywhere, from the television that we watch to the music we listen to in clubs and even the ringtones on our mobile phones. But who created these electronic sounds? And how did electronic music develop?

The Oramics Machine is a revolutionary music synthesiser that was created in the 1960s by Daphne Oram. Some people call Daphne the ‘unsung pioneer of techno’.

Daphne had a strong passion for both sound and electronics and the vision to combine the two. It is too fragile to restore to working order, but you can use our new interactive to recreate the sounds that it made.

In October 2011 more exhibits will be added to this core display that will be co-created by people who are working with electronic music today as well as a group of Daphne’s contemporaries.

Find out more on the Oramics Machine Facebook page.

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