Doors: Wed – Sun 12-7pm

 @ 11 Southwark Street, SE1 1RQ


“An opportunity for collaboration, unplugged and rare musical performances” -Ted Riederer.

New York artist Ted Riederer will be bringing his critically acclaimed multi media project Never Records to London for the first time in September 2011 as part of the MERGE festival. Never Records is an art installation in the guise of a record store that only stocks vinyl that has been cut in the shop itself. Using microphones and specialist vinyl-cutting turntable at one end of the “store” Ted will be recording musicians and performers on the spot before giving them freshly pressed 12inch records with individually signed sleeves. In a limited edition of 2, Riederer will give one record to the performer and will stock the other in the store.

Visitors will be able to select records from the racks to play within the store. Never Records explores the potential of using a record store and record label; to unite, educate, and uplift a community through recorded sound, Riederer’s project began in an abandoned Tower Records in New York City and has since been recreated around the world. The Wall Street Journal described the installation as a “mock shop” that served as a “love letter to the dying concept of the record store.”


If you’re a performer of any kind and would like to cut a record, please email neverrecordslondon@gmail.com and tell us about what you would like to do and why. Recording slots are limited and take place Wednesdays to Sundays in September 2011. You will get one free vinyl record of your perfomance and the other will become part of the artwork in the shop.

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