Doors: 18:00 – 22:00

@ Red Bull Studios

155-171 Tooley Street, London SE1 2JP

Entry: Free


Stööki introduce an open platform that showcases creativity through sound, vision and play.

You will be producing outcomes that Swatch MTV Playground will host in real-time, on their social media network.

Stööki is an independent jewellery & apparel label that launched earlier this year, presenting themed collections through interactive art. Stööki would like to give you an introduction into their creative world and unique methodologies, through a series of interactive workshops.

***Collaborators on the night!***

Kara Messina – y-oh.tumblr.com
Shadez The Misfit – shadezthemisfit.co.uk
PC Williams – pc-williams.com
One Trick Pony
Jamal Peace
Oliver Smith -mon53.co.uk
Bosola Ajenifuja – bosolamakes.tumblr.com
Brett Booth – swatchmtvplayground.com
Nail Porn – thisisnailporn.tumblr.com

Please email info@stooki.co.uk answering the following:

What new do you bring to the term CREATIVITY?
Followed by a website/blog link along with your twitter if you have one.

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