Doors 6pm

@ The Shacklewell Arms,
71 Shacklewell Lane, Dalston, E8 2EB

Tickets £5 on the door


A late addition to tonight’s listings, but an awesome event: a special Harmony Korine double bill VHS screening from Still Advance.

Korine’s first outing as director after writing Larry Clark’s Kids aged just 19, Gummo presents a series of vignettes based around a small town hit by a tornado, two paint-sniffing adolescent boys, two teenage girls exploring sexuality and beauty with Korine’s ensemble of outcasts trying to find ways to pass the time in unusual and often extreme ways. Inspiring comparisons with Werner Herzog and Lars Von Trier, Gummo made Korine one of the most exciting and divisive figures in American cinema.

“Extraordinary… and disturbing. The most exciting debut by a director of his generation”
– Dazed and Confused

Trash Humpers
A return to indie filmmaking after Mister Lonely, Trash Humpers concerns a gang of masked nocturnal wanderers who behave in unexpected ways and do unexpected things, peeping and creeping their way around the margins of suburbia, and are generally like no other characters ever seen on screen. Reminiscent of David Lynch’s Inland Empire, filmed on video and cut on two VCRs, it’s a tribute to the golden age of VHS, celebrating the “strange beauty in the analogue”. Creating a film that can make you look away as much as make you laugh but is always affecting, Trash Humpers is literally the filthiest film alive (sorry, Pink Flamingos).

Here’s the trailer for Gummo, with the best use of a Madonna song I’ve ever seen.

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