Doors: 11am – 7pm
Tuesday – Saturday

The Outsiders Gallery
8 Greek Street
London, W1D 4DG

Entry: £Free


Kelsey Brookes has reinvented psychedelic art for the 21st Century for his UK debut exhibition.

San Diego-based artist Kelsey Brookes has been creating artwork professional for the last 6 years after attempting a career in microbiology. Since his first art show appearance in 2005, the talented artist has been expanding his repertoire to encompass album artwork for various musicians as well as the detailed art of sculpture.

His latest body of work consists of large scale canvases, with paintings of animals, bold geometric shapes and kaleidoscopic abstraction, which is unusually inspired by migranes. The powerful affliction is often associated with not only visual hallucinations but all other ‘synaesthetic’ experiences (the interpretation of one sense as another, for instance ‘hearing’ colour). The geometric lines and colours come directly from the hallucinogenic experiences just before the headache. The work is impulsive, extravagant and spontaneous, an echo of the spirit.

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