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The BFI is open from 11am – 11pm

@ BFI Southbank,
Belvedere Road, SE1 8XT

BFI presents Wise Cracks: The comedies of Woody Allen

Much has been written about Allen’s preoccupations: the anxieties about
love and death, the role of the artist in society, the transience of
happiness, the apparent injustice of the universe and so forth. Less,
sadly, has been made of his skill, versatility and occasional audacity
as a cinematic dramatist. Films as different as A Midsummer Night’s Sex
Comedy, Hannah and Her Sisters, Crimes and Misdemeanors and Everyone
Says I Love You
display a flair for dealing with relatively large
ensembles; in Manhattan, Broadway, Danny Rose, Husbands and Wives and
Deconstructing Harry he successfully adopts a range of cinematic styles;
while Zelig, The Purple Rose of Cairo, Melinda and Melinda and Midnight
in Paris
all, in their various ways, demonstrate an interest in
narrative form that first made itself felt, here and there, in Annie
. Comedy is seldom granted as much respect as drama, but Allen’s
artistry provides proof, were it needed, that being funny is a serious
business indeed.

Other films showing not mentioned above:

Love and Death, Manhattan Murder Mystery, Sleeper

Sweet and Lowdown, Vicky Christina Barcelona, Celebrity

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