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One of Us: shorts @ Fox & Phoenix / Sunday 14th June 2015


Doors: 18:00–20:30

@ Fox & Phoenix, Unit 2, Tower House, 139 Fonthill Road, London N3 HF

Tickets: £5 on the door or buy online


Promoting the off kilter, this program will focus on the surreal in all its forms.

Dedicated to breaking the mould and transporting you to the set of George Melies ‘Under The Sea’ for your viewing and end with a surprise guest performance…

Popcorn will be provided by the sponsor Portle Bay Popcorn and drinks from Zig Zag Teas.

The shorts will include:

Edmund Roland ‘LTD’
An ex-salaryman who has lost his way in London is confronted by his past in the shape of a former colleague in an East London squat.

Max Lincoln ‘Thyme’
A story about escape, cooking and thyme.

Fred Rowson ‘Woodhouse’
The Woodhouse Nature Reserve, South East London. It’s a sprawling hectare of knotted ivy and mossy tree stumps. And while its edges are speckled with rusting tins and damp takeaway boxes, its interior is verdant, untouched. There, beyond the padlocked gates some thing, some creature is living.

Noelle Rodrigues ‘Open My Eyes’
The psychological journey of a girl who must confront her traumatic childhood. Emotions and memories resurface with brutal and challenging consequences.

The Last Skeptik- ‘Cheerio’
Taken from The Last Skeptik’s recent e.p entitled ‘I Don’t Even Like You’ the video for ‘Cheerio’ stars comedian / actor Doc Brown unravelling behind a mask in a video exploring the perils of drugs, booze, parties in an attempt to avoid reality.

Ken Petrie ‘Bucket’
After a devastating discovery at a fancy dress party, a young man contemplates suicide before an abandoned baby catches his eye and shakes him from his ill intent. Now, faced with taking care of it until the police arrive, he recruits his former best friend – but things are far from simple.

Simone Smith ‘Red’
A psychological hue which resembles that of blood evoked in the human observer.

Tim Bonner ‘Under A Vest’
As darkness falls across the city, a blonde with a gun investigates a noise – but all is not what it seems…

Mark Brown & Phil Haine ‘Somebody To Love’
‘If you are a psychological horror fan you should seek this out’ – Twisted Central

Ben Garfield ‘The Players’

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Ginglik Presents: Warehouse Werewolves @ Fish Island / Saturday 2nd November 2013


From: 19:00-late

@ Fish Island, London (Hackney Wick)

Tickets: from £25 book online


Expect chases down the maze-like streets, narrow canal escapes, safehouses and one of the best immersive experiences the capital has to offer.

Survivors, after strict decontamination procedures, will be invited to the Wolf’s Den warehouse to celebrate their lucky escape with DJs and live acts until the early hours.

The team behind Ginglik, one of London’s best loved venues, are back to lead you through the creative epicentre of Fish Island for an immersive multimedia night of thrills and kills. In the shadow of the Olympic Stadium, this post-industrial area provides the ideal backdrop for things that howl in the night.


The LPV virus continues to spread across the capital, and your only chance of survival is to join us at our safety zones based in several secret locations across Fish Island. If you have already been attacked, do not despair, as our specially trained Werewolf Victim Support medical team will be on hand to assist and guide you through the streets and warehouses of Hackney Wick.

Silencio @ Priceless London Wonderground / from 27 July to 24 August 2013


Doors: 21:00 – 00:30

@ Priceless London Wonderground, Jubilee Gardens (off Belvedere Road), London, SE1 8XX

Tickets: from £17.50 book online


Not just your average circus or cabaret show, Silencio is a film noir, live action, interactive and immersive disco extravaganza.

Created after months of filming and creative planning Silencio is an incredibly ambitions immersive project that offers thrills, shock and suspense galore, all ending in a huge party.

Audiences are invited to immerse themselves in an extraordinary multi-sensory journey that leads them to a time-warped, genre-defying duelling DJ dance party!

See terrifying, hypnotising hula hoops from outer space!
See unspeakable acts of body bending and mind manipulation!
See supersonic diva robots from the future!
See the shock sensation that is The Shadow with No Master!


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